Narcis For Linux – Project

Narcis For Linux - Revision 3 - Screenshot

I’ve been playing around with the full-featured English-Persian dictionary named Narcis. Narcis has been provided as a Windows application and AFAIK the development has been stopped. Just found it useful to have their rich database, so wrote some python scripts to decode the character set and export it into C++ source code format. Now I’m writing my Linux port using QT, C++ and Sqlite :). For more information on the project, refer to the N4L wiki page.

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1 Response to Narcis For Linux – Project

  1. Sina ye Momken says:

    Very nice!
    I think you use .BGL files (Babylon glossary format) for making your DB. But same application is still made with name “GoldenDict”; which is also multi-platform and supports importing of .BGL files.
    But it would be a healthy hobby to complete this project, maybe someday it become better than GoldenDict!

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