Our Interests and Effect of advertisement on them

You know about effects of advertisements in business context. When a new product is born, the company not only needs to introduce the product, but also should make demands for it. You see lots of things we’re using on a daily basis which aren’t really necessary and our predecessors were living happily without most of them. I don’t ignore the technology and the simplicity of human life caused by it but have you ever noticed your status before and after an advertisement for a cool product ? You were living without it, but after you knew about the product and the way it was shown to you, You would think about it and the way you can reach it !
Yes, Its trivial and wise, a common property of human kind.

But I was thinking about the way of life we choose for ourselves, in most cases we don’t take decisions based on a predefined road-map. Evidently there are lots of advertisements around us for different kind of tasks we can choose to do. As an example when you meet a musician playing a really beautiful and nice music, what your eyes see and your ears hear is considered as an advertisement for the music art/task. In such a situation, if there doesn’t exist any predefined road-map, you’ll choose to become a musician, or at least you would think about it. Or when you meet a poet or a computer scientist or a professional doctor that have chosen their jobs based on interest and have devoted their life into what they really like.

The above sentence might seem wrong since when you meet the musicians you usually don’t sense any effects or interests. Probably you haven’t meet the one who can really introduce/advertise their fields of interests correctly. Profession in a task is not considered as a prerequisite for advertising it, but it does actually help and is important. The other reason you might be affected by already, is that your current way of life forces you to do an specific task to gain some goods and you don’t want to risk and leave the current one for a new and interesting field.

It seems odd, since you’re judging about your self and claim that you have an interesting predefined map, but have you ever asked yourself What way exactly you’ve chosen the current one. Or What other fields you have ignored to choose this one ? How did you decide ? There is a time frame in everybody’s life time, in which he or she is not forced to do something and he can select among the fields or interests that are being advertised around him.

I want mainly conclude about the parameters affecting a person while he or she is in such a situation. Normal people usually obey the “what comes best and first algorithm” (AKA Greedy algorithm in computer science), ignoring the long time effects and so. Wise people usually list the different factors in their mind and consider the long time effect of each one, Sum it up and decide. The interest might be considered as one the factors beside the others.

And finally the Exceptional group of people, look only at their interests and choose the way, they are really interested in right away, While ignoring other parameters such as monthly rate for the job, reputation and popularity and the reflections in people’s mind, and so. They only consider them selves (and yes, this means they’re very selfish in this case) and won’t let other people and parameters choose their way of life.

So idealistic ? No, they’re out there, take a look.

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1 Response to Our Interests and Effect of advertisement on them

  1. sohrab says:

    I really like this view. There’s a point here. Let’s try a different approach…
    Have you ever considered the authority of an accepted truth?

    [the above lines are intentionally left blank]

    Another thing,
    Look around yourself, do you see a tree? How do you describe it? “A tall brown thing…” ?
    Well, what else?
    I don’t know if Preconceptions are totally bad, but I doubt the current extend of their influence on are lives.
    By the way I’m going to review my current choices and devise a new life plan, thank you Ali.

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