How to Bypass Source-Forge Country Blocking

SourceForge Country Blocking Download Forbidden  We cannot send this file to your location. Please visit our our T7 page Source-Forge, The huge open-source software repository recently has banned some countries from downloading free and open-source softwares from their servers. However there’s a quick trick which you can download the files directly from source-forge mirrors, bypassing that IP address check.

Source Forge Download PageYou can click on the file you wanna download inside the “Files” section and take care when the following page appeared press ESC key to stop loading the page.

Source Forge Download LinkNow right-click on “direct link” and Copy the link address and Paste it into your address bar. It should look like this :

The last part, marked as red, shows the mirror you’re going to download from. Turn the URL into something like this :

And it will download the file directly. In addition, some mirrors are not accessible because of routing path problems. I usually use “kent” as my mirror.

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10 Responses to How to Bypass Source-Forge Country Blocking

  1. elrusho says:

    Very nice,

  2. Mostafa says:

    Thanks 😉

  3. Mostafa says:

    It seems this method doesn’t work anymore.

  4. root says:

    I just tested this method again on

    and it worked. What project did you failed to do it on ?

  5. Mostafa says:

    For example:
    The default mirror was “gar” for me which the method didn’t work on it.
    Strangely when I switched to surfnet it works for that.

  6. MMS says:

    I tested this method a few days ago and it worked, but it seems that Sourceforge servers have been updated, because this method doesn’t seem to work any more. I tested it on a few projects, one of which is Achilles (, and it didn’t work.

  7. root says:

    Nothing serious about sourceforge has been changed, it’s just about the theme.
    I just tested the above method and it worked.

    I followed your link and here’s the direct link sourceforge gave to me.

    I turned it into

    and it worked.

    But please be aware to not to click on the resulting link, SF seems to be sensitive to referrer website. You should copy and paste it into your browser window and press Enter.

  8. MMS says:

    Thank you. It just worked.

  9. Haamed Moeeni says:


  10. Kstro21 says:

    It is 2014 and still it works

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