Persian Poems Library is Live !

We recently released a new version of Persian Poems, called Persian Poems Library which supports In-App-Purchase and it’s Free ! You can use it to browse the bookshop and buy and read your favorite poems right on your iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Here’s a quick look at the features :

– Currently there are more than 20 books available in the shop, and more on the way.
– Browse or Search for poems
– Save your favorites
– Change text size
– A small biography of each poet is also available in each book
– Completely in Persian (Farsi)
– Share verses via email, Twitter and Facebook
– We’re planing on adding 10 new books each month

Although it is less than a week that it has been released, we’re impressed by the high download rate. Here’s a few screen-shots of the app :

At current stage, popular books are :
1. Hafez Collection
2. Ferdowsi’s Shaahnaameh
3. Bustan (Flower Garden) of Saadi
4. Masnavi Ma’navi
5. Divan e Shams
6. Parvin’s Poem Collection

If you’re a fan of Persian Poems too, give it a try ! 😉

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3 Responses to Persian Poems Library is Live !

  1. Mahrud says:

    Nice work!
    But, is this an open source project? 😀 it would be much better if it was.
    You can import Ganjoor’s poem database. It’s free and open source! get it from here:
    P.S: as both projects (yours and Ganjoor’s) are working on same thing, you can work together in order to speed up this project!

  2. root says:

    No, it’s a commercial app. We’re already working on the app as a poem browser mainly for mobile platforms and content generation is not the main concern. It is different from PC version, considering user experience and device limits. Also note that we are already using the Open Poem database called RiRa and we don’t do duplicate work. Ganjoor is also based on Rira AFAIK.

  3. Also if you like to listen to Dr. Holakouee’s Persian program you can here:

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