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Announcing AUT’s 3rd Linux Festival

Third series of AUT’s Linux Festival has been announced by Student Scientific Committee of Computer Engineering & Information Technology (CEIT) department. The festival at Amirkabir University of Technology, is attracting lots of Linux fans and geeks every year and includes … Continue reading

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Experimental Write Support for Ext2 on Mac

Userspace Filesystem Drivers are becoming more and more popular since they’re portable and have less headache of platform specific filesystem driver issues. For example, NTFS-3G project provides the full read/write support for NTFS under Linux and MacOSX while living in … Continue reading

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How to Bypass Source-Forge Country Blocking

Source-Forge, The huge open-source software repository recently has banned some countries from downloading free and open-source softwares from their servers. However there’s a quick trick which you can download the files directly from source-forge mirrors, bypassing that IP address check. … Continue reading

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