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Best Treatment is to Avoid Vulnerabilities in First Place

The second agreement on serious programming errors have just taken place and computer science professionals reached to a formal agreement on top 25 programming errors. The main idea for such a list is to help and educate programmers to prevent … Continue reading

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Narcis For Linux – Project

I’ve been playing around with the full-featured English-Persian dictionary named Narcis. Narcis has been provided as a Windows application and AFAIK the development has been stopped. Just found it useful to have their rich database, so wrote some python scripts … Continue reading

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Comparing Objective-C versus C++

In the past 6 years I’ve seriously started coding, and tasted many programming languages and syntaxes including C, C++, Java, Python and some others.  As you know, depending on your application domain and the problem you’re going to solve, each … Continue reading

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